First of all, a big welcome to – Sweden’s dog-friendly guide, made by you.

The idea of Dogify is quite simple: you can search , add new places and vote for the best dog-friendly spots.

What you can do? Just follow this rules:

1- Have you been in some great (or not so great) dog-friendly place?
Easy. Just vote clicking on the thumbs-up on each place (or thumbs down if it wasn’t so great). You can also write a comment to add even more info regarding your experience. Remember: 1 vote per place. We know if you are voting twice 🙂

2- You know some nice dog-friendly place that we do not have in our guide?
If so, just click on “Add Listing” (or you can send us an email with the name of the place, no worries).

So what you are waiting for? Start right now to share your love and knowledge and make Dogify the best and authentic dog-friendly guide. Easy peasy, right? 🙂


Our Story

The idea of Dogify started in 2016 when I first moved from Portugal to Sweden with my owners. Since it was a new adventure for us, we wanted to explore the cities and travel around the country but we felt that there wasn’t too much info about dog-friendly places.

Then, I started to make new friends (mostly at the dog-parks of course), and all of them told me that it would be great to have a dog-friendly guide that covered all Sweden.

It didn´t take to much time for my owners to realize that it was time to create (of course I was the one to have the idea).

We hope that you enjoy our guide!

Warm “woof woof”,


(Co-Founder of Dogify).